Howdy y’all!  Just ordered up a new run of our notorious Pitch Black Ribbons Parody T-shirts — its been a while since we’ve had any for sale (y’all cleaned us out of them quite a time ago)… But many many many of you asked and asked and asked for them, so a new batch is on the way!  Remember, you can’t get them anywhere but at the shows, folks.  See y’all on the road, and cheers!

Sometimes you need a bigger mug.

Sometimes you need a bigger mug.

Salem, setting the stage.

2/14/14 Show to be rescheduled.

Tonight’s show at Billy’s Tavern is canceled due to inclement weather. Replacement date TBA. If you are traveling over the weekend, be safe out there, y’all!

11 Little Ways Music Rocks

Music is good for you. And about numbers 10 and 11 on this list… Bartenders sometimes tell us that when we play “Boatload of Bourbon” sales of Maker’s Mark go through the roof. Not only that, but then everyone seems to think it tastes better … so listen up as you drink up!

Buck's Naked BBQ!

Howdy y’all! We just want to remind you, as we head for Freeport tonight, of all the succulent flesh that will be on the menu at Buck’s Naked BBQ. And of course, then there are all the taps flowing with amber ambrosias and elixirs! And who would we be to forget the mellifluous melodies of Americana! Such is the grist of a true PBR show… it all starts around 9.

"We come from the land of the ice and snow…"
We’re on the road to the shows— we’re in Hallowell, ME tonight.  You’d think we’d be used to this whole winter deal by now, but damn… don’t know about you but we’re gonna need a little something to warm our souls when we get where we’re going tonight. Who’s in? We’ll see you at Higher Grounds downtown, and we’ll even promise to play a song or two about summertime! Cheers, people.

"If the Mainers shot whisky and I were a buck, I’d wear this here t-shirt and not give a…" oh, hey there, y’all! The fall tour tees showed up, replete with parody logo— safety drinkin’ gear, ya know? You Maine-iacs!

9/27 & 9/28

Howdy y’all!  We’re starting the weekend off in New Hapshire at the Dover Brickhouse tonight, where we’ll be filling the first floor with a flood of first rate Americana.   Good times roll at 9pm.

Then Saturday we venture back into the great state of Maine, for an evening show at the Montsweag Roadhouse. That shindig kicks off at 6pm.

You can follow all of our continual shenanigans at Pitch Black Ribbons dot com slash tour.  And y’all can join the conversation on Facebook.   See you on tour, friends!